Roseville College stands upon four foundations: Christian Faith, Character, Leadership and Community. On these, we cast our vision of Realising Purpose.

At Roseville College, this means honouring the School’s enduring community, and celebrating a shared sense of belonging, through enriched relationships and uplifting learning.

The Roseville Community comprises several dedicated parent groups, who help foster and protect the special sense of community enjoyed by families at Roseville College.

Some of these groups have a specialist focus, such as The Old Girls Union, Roseville College Old Staff Association (ROSA), and Roseville College Rowing. Others are more general in nature, desiring outcomes that benefit all girls from Kindergarten to Year 12. These include the Roseville College Parent Association (RCPA) and the Parent Prayer group.

Learn about current opportunities for participation — and areas at school that welcome parent involvement — by contacting the Community Relations Office via Main Reception on 9884 1100.