Roseville College is a member of The Anglican Schools Corporation (TASC) group of schools.

TASC was established by the Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney to develop and operate Anglican schools that aim to provide quality Christian education to local communities. It is governed by the Board of TASC. The Roseville College Council operates as a Board appointed sub-committee in overseeing the operation of the College. TASC receives no funding from the Anglican Church. Member schools of TASC have multiplied threefold in the past decade.

The TASC Group Office provides financial and related administrative services to each of the TASC schools. A small portion of income generated from each school supports the overall operation of TASC, which not only includes providing services to current TASC schools, but also includes assisting in establishing new TASC schools. TASC has been active in building a network of Anglican schools through the sharing of common resources.

TASC Group Website


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