Living for Purpose at Roseville College is guiding each girl’s development of identity and faith in a caring Christian environment as she finds her place and purpose, equipping her for meaningful service. This means realising purpose through:

Confident Identity

Laying foundations, from the Christian worldview, that inform and guide each girl’s values and sense of self to fortify her with hope, courage and eternal purpose.

Considered Citizenship

Instilling in each girl a vision of purposeful citizenship and healthy relationships, characterised by Christian values.

Compassionate Service

Influencing each girl in what is right and true so she initiates words and actions that inspire others for good.

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Student Wellbeing

The development of each girl’s identity and faith in a caring Christian environment is an important part of her learning experience at the College; she is finding her place and purpose in life. As she considers notions of purpose, citizenship and compassion, she will forge her identity as a woman equipped for the meaningful service of others.

In Living for purpose, our aim is to guide and influence each girl’s inner world, which interweaves with learning for purpose. Wellbeing is a complex combination of a person’s physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health. It can be “simply feeling good and doing good” and is strongly linked to happiness and life satisfaction.

At Roseville College, wellbeing incorporates each girl’s:

  • Spiritual foundations in Jesus Christ, including learning about and enacting Christian principles and values, and practising shared values through Student Wellbeing and community service
  • Emotional strength and resilience, such as her ability to acknowledge and master her emotions, persevere through disappointment, collaborate with others, and face challenges from others, nature and herself
  • Social and relational environment, such as nurturing her ability to interact well with peers and adults, navigate social cues, develop and maintain authentic friendships, and participate meaningfully in the school and wider community
  • Health and physical wellbeing, such as respecting her body and its abilities, gaining an understanding of how to nurture the human body, developing a sense of wellbeing, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As educators, we are acutely aware of our goal of working to engage, enrich and empower girls now, so they progress academically and, into the future, so they achieve their purpose as valued contributors to society. With extensive experience of girls’ education and a long history of outstanding Student Wellbeing at Roseville College, we deeply understand the needs and challenges of being a girl in contemporary society.

Founded firmly on the Bible and faith in Jesus Christ, examples of our Student Wellbeing programs incursions, year meetings and seminars include:

  • Actively valuing and engaging in service opportunities – all years
  • Continuing the strength based Resilience Doughnut model introduced in Year 5
  • Adjusting to Senior School, friendships and organisational skills in Year 7
  • Optimistic thinking, managing appropriate on and offline relationships in Year 8
  • Explicit character education in Years 9 and 10, via character strengths assessment tools and applying these at a personal level with Christian attributes and values, such as forgiveness, gratitude, humility, grace and perseverance
  • Women and Leadership in Year 9, with service learning connections to our Junior School, as well as Cromehurst School, St Edmund’s and local aged care facilities
  • Careers, community service and resilience program in Year 10
  • Motivation, engagement and leadership in Year 11
  • Striving and thriving in the HSC, effective study and empowered lives in Year 12.

Roseville College is well-renowned for its exceptional Student Wellbeing initiatives, seeking to create a safe and welcoming Christian environment in which each girl is free to be herself and to realise her unique purpose. Upon Christian foundations, which inform and guide each girl’s values and sense of self, students are fortified with hope, courage and eternal purpose – a confident identity for any young woman preparing for life beyond the school gates.

By instilling in each girl a vision of purposeful citizenship and healthy relationships, characterised by Christian values, and influencing each girl in what is right and true (so she initiates words and actions that inspire others for good) Roseville girls engage in enriching experiences that mature them as articulate, confident, independent and interdependent, resilient young women with a deep concern for others.

It is integral to her time at Roseville College that each girl feels well-known and inherently valued. For Kindergarten girls and every new student, the College facilitates a Buddy and Friend to guide and accompany her as she navigates and settles into school life and routine at Roseville College.

The School’s student development and wellbeing programs provide active guidance and support to each student via class and Student Wellbeing groups, mentoring, chaplaincy services, outdoor education, leadership and peer network programs, careers guidance, student wellbeing seminars and events, community service, and philanthropic and social justice activities.

Christian Faith At Roseville College

A Kindergarten to Year 12 Community

The vast majority of families first become acquainted with Roseville College through family, friends and neighbours.

In 2018, Roseville College celebrates 110 Years of Realising Purpose in the lives of local, young Australian woman. The College highly values its loyal and active school community that comes alongside its educators in a partnership for the exclusive benefit of the students; “our girls”.

A strength of the College is its optimal size: small enough for each girl to matter, yet large enough to provide a vast selection of subjects and co-curricular pursuits to appeal to girls of all ages. Each girl in Kindergarten to Year 12 has opportunities to make positive connections with girls in other year groups; both as role models and inspirations as well as mentors and “little sisters”. Learning is a two-way street and we often find older girls gain enormously from the courage, ideas and friendship with their younger peers.

Parents of current students and Old Girls all agree the secret is in each parent’s own commitment to make Roseville College more than “their daughter’s school”; it is their school, too. Roseville College has always had a community “like an extension of home”, which was articulated by students in its earliest years and this remains a distinctive characteristic of the school today.

The College welcomes new families to participate in the Roseville College Parents’ Association (RCPA), to support the College Foundation, and be involved in the School’s annual events and activities open to parents, families and carers.

Community at Roseville College

An Anglican School

Roseville College is an Anglican School for Girls, which means our Christian faith is expressed in the Anglican faith tradition and the College’s core values derive from faith in the Bible and Jesus Christ. This underpins our dedicated Student Wellbeing and Christian Studies programs for Kindergarten to Year 12, and students have access to Chaplaincy services with the College Chaplain; a Reverend of the Anglican Church.

The College vision is guided by the Christian values of Love, Hope, Grace and Truth; likewise, students are actively encouraged to practise faith-based qualities such as self-control, service, grace, kindness, mercy, forgiveness and love.

Each girl participates in a range of community service learning initiatives during her time at Roseville College, and has the opportunity to join faith and values-based clubs and programs on campus (such as Crusaders, Charity and Service clubs, Anglicare, and International Service Learning Trips).

Members of the Roseville College Parents’ Association (RCPA) and College Staff also meet separately each month for prayer and Christian fellowship, and many families are active members of local Church communities.

The College’s local Church is St Andrew’s Anglican Church at the corner of Bancroft Avenue and Hill Street, Roseville. Chapel services may be held here, and enquires are welcome for the weddings of Old Girls. Phone: 9412 2553

Roseville College is a member of The Anglican Schools Corporation.

Service and Citizenship

Service learning is an important part of student life at Roseville College, as girls discover ways to improve the lives of others and make a positive difference to situations they encounter.

Service involves the selfless giving and loving of others, making a difference in their lives by responding to their needs, and acting without expecting recognition or reward. In serving, we seek to model Jesus’ love and compassion, and to empower each girl with a knowledge that she can make a difference.

From Kindergarten to Year 12, the attributes of service and citizenship are imparted to students through programs such as our Buddy and Friends, to fundraising for special causes, undertaking learning projects, engaging in community service learning activities, and even international service learning trips in Senior Years.

In Junior School, the IB Primary Years Program empowers girls to engage in authentic learning and, in Year 6, each girl undertakes a Passion Project which encourages participants to choose an area of passion or interest that they want to pursue outside of class; inspiring self-directed and self-motivated home-learning. Many girls choose this opportunity to tackle an issue of interest or concern that involves betterment of others, such as fundraising and researching to create winter bedding for Sydney’s homeless, or sourcing and publishing recipes for a cookbook that is used by (and sold to raise funds for) women in shelters who need both encouragement and coaching to get back on their feet.

In Senior School, areas of service extend to include Community Service Learning in partnership with local charities and not-for-profit organisations. Annually, Year 9 hosts the “Big Day Out” for senior citizens from manly local retirement facilities, ensuring our elderly visitors are welcomed, served with food and hospitality, and entertained with conversation, tours and a concert performance.

Service learning guides girls into leadership through service, which is a deep value at Roseville College. When combined with the College’s well regarded Student Wellbeing initiatives, girls at Roseville College appreciate seeing how healthy, yet selfless relationships can bring great meaning and purpose to life.

Outdoor Education / Learning Away

The College offers a well-developed and age appropriate K – 12 Outdoor Education program to inspire and inspirit in girls a wide array of beneficial characteristics and life skills.

The success that “learning away” has in empowering children in resilience and character while learning in situ has resulted in high participation rates by Roseville College students in complementary outdoor and overseas learning opportunities such as annual International Service Learning Trips, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards Scheme, overseas study tours, and foreign exchange programs.


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