Learning for Purpose at Roseville College is preparing each girl with an education that serves her for life, in a culture of excellence. This means realising purpose through:

Excellence in Education

Driving excellence through academic rigour and quality teaching to inspire each girl to strive for her best.

Personalisation of Learning

Enriching learning through a genuine understanding of each girl to maximise her learning opportunities for authentic, lasting outcomes.

Disposition for Learning

Equipping each girl with a progressive, robust attitude to learning through responsibility, challenge and curiosity.

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The Roseville Learner

Realising Purpose is achieved by preparing each girl with an education that serves her for life, in a culture of excellence, just as we guide each girl’s development of identity and faith in a caring Christian environment as she finds her place and purpose, equipping her for meaningful service.

Learning for purpose is about more than information and the curriculum; it is highly influenced by each girl’s individual interests, ability, opportunities and ambitions. While Roseville College is big enough to offer a dynamic and varied learning experience, the College is still at the optimal size to facilitate a more individual approach to the development of girls – the personalisation of her learning – and to cater for the special interests and pace of its students. Learning for purpose – especially her disposition for learning – begins in Kindergarten and continues until she leaves Year 12. It focusses on ways to promote her growth, increase her challenge and inspire her both inside and beyond a classroom, and this involves engaging her intellectual, cognitive, physical, creative, spiritual, emotional, social, and communicative self.

In Learning for purpose, our aim is to guide and influence each girl’s world. While not exclusively – as living for purpose and learning for purpose are deeply intertwined – the emphasis is on each girl’s:

  • Intellectual and cognitive capabilities, such as her ability to think in a logical and rational manner, as well as engage in innovative thought processes, practise problem solving skills and establish wise principles for living life well post-school
  • Creative talents including concepts of aesthetics and play, such as engaging in musical, dramatic, artistic and other creative endeavours; participating in the creative process and appreciating beauty; and enjoying the pleasures and benefits of "play"
  • Ability to communicate effectively and appropriately, including her ability to express herself verbally and in written form, to listen actively and engage meaningfully in the art of conversation, and to employ traditional and contemporary communication tools (from essays and emails to speeches and presentations)
  • Mastery over herself, such as the skills of task and time management, self discipline - including the ability to comprehend and assimilate guidance, studying and learning according to her personality and temperament, leadership, people skills, developing patience and perseverance, being diligent, being optimistic and setting inspirational, yet achievable goals for her future.
Roseville College Strategic Direction 2018 – 2020: Realising Purpose
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The Roseville Educator

At the heart of our College, alongside and championing our students, are our teachers. Our teaching staff make the measurable difference. As a teacher at Roseville College, their aim is to intellectually broaden, extend and stimulate their students, while also being genuinely concerned for the girls in their care. Our staff are constantly learning and challenged, both in their field of expertise, and also as educators of girls, through staff development programs and scholarships, department leadership and achievement pathways, and high workplace expectations.

Each is a professional in their field, who pursues educational developments and research, while working diligently to help each girl accomplish her best. To our students, however, a teacher is both a leader and co-learner, and this unique approach to education makes a measurable difference to learning outcomes.

In partnership with you, her family, Roseville College hopes to prepare your daughter for her life’s journey, equipping her to discern and envisage a future with hope and contentment, furnished to achieve and fulfil her purpose.

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Scope of Learning

In addition to the overviews for Junior and Senior School, the College is strong in the delivery of STEAM; the promotion of Sports and Balanced, Healthy Lifestyles; the breadth of Music, Performing Arts and Public Speaking; and a wide range of co-curricular activities.

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The College champions advancement of women in the Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics fields – ensuring girls in all year groups from Kindergarten are offered engaging STEAM learning opportunities, from Industry links and accelerated Maths, to our new Junior STEAM Lab. Girls are given freedom to explore areas of passion and interest within and additional to the curriculum. In Senior years; for example, this includes traditional subjects like Design & Technology and Visual Arts to progressive learning in coding, robotics and digital arts.

Sports and Balanced, Healthy Lifestyles

With exceptional participation rates from Year 3 to Year 12, Roseville girls enthusiastically compete in a range of summer, winter and year-round sports, including swimming, athletics, cross country, equestrian, field and court sports, gymnastics, rowing and snow-sports. Whether a student aspires to represent Australia or simply wants to join a school team to have fun and maintain her fitness with friends, Roseville encourages and guides her towards her personal goal.

The College encourages a balanced, healthy approach to life, working with students to educate and equip them to make choices wisely, while also giving sports a “good try”. For girls with high aspirations, the School has a proven record of accommodating unique training and competition schedules, and avails its dedicated strength training gym to help girls balance the demands of study and training.

Music, Performing Arts and Public Speaking

With a beautifully appointed 350 seat Performing Arts Centre and myriad purpose-built rehearsal and learning spaces, Roseville College encourages a vibrant Arts culture.

Roseville College caters for many different ability levels and musical styles, from private music tuition and individual pursuit (in brass, drums and percussion, guitar, piano and keyboard, strings, woodwind, voice, composition and musicianship), to the challenge and fun of participating in more than 20 ensembles, bands and choirs.

All instrumental and vocal students are encouraged to participate in one of the principal ensembles, and if they wish to further extend their musical skills beyond private tuition, we offer a variety of chamber ensembles, as well as more structured learning within the curriculum.

Likewise, our girls in Junior and Senior years, are encouraged to engage in a wide range of performing arts and public speaking endeavours throughout the school year including drama, theatre and musical productions, dance, stage and audio visual production, and debating.

Girls also participate in public events, eisteddfods, HSC showcases, and competitions for musicianship, performance, debating and public speaking. In 2017; for example, the College Music Tour of Japan offered girls the opportunity to experience another culture and its music traditions, while also studying its history and language.

Additional Co-curricula

Students are encouraged to extend themselves and explore areas of interest in numerous age-appropriate ways, in addition to those already mentioned, including Women’s Leadership, Tournament of Minds, Mock Trial, Crusaders, Robotics, Community Service and Charity, Student Council, Digital Media and Photography, and Creative Arts.

Distinguished Old Girls

A humbling and delightful part of education - especially one with 110 years of history - is watching girls become accomplished and often publicly-distinguished women.

As a school, it is natural that Roseville College is proud of the girls who achieve well in their final year examinations. However, Roseville College hopes to be more than an academic institution… we hope to provide a community and extended family for our students. Although we publicly recognise many ex-students in this section, our prayers are with each graduate for resilience, for positive, healthy and enduring relationships, and for wisdom as they navigate the variety of opportunities - and temptations - that await them.

Among the Old Girls of Roseville College are many distinguished women, who became leaders in Australian society. The College recognises and salutes the life-time achievements of the following Old Girls.

Emma Scholl

Associate Principal Flute with the Sydney Symphony, Emma has also won 2MBS Young Performer of the Year 1997, Symphony Australia Young Performers' Award "Other Instruments" winner 2001, National Orchestral Flute Competition Winner 1999 and National Solo Flute Competition in 2002. Emma has toured throughout Europe and Asia and performed as a guest Principal with numerous orchestras worldwide. Emma teaches for the Australian Youth Orchestra and the Australian National Academy of Music.

Sue Lennox

CEO and Co-Founder of OzGREEN, a company which inspires and enables people to work for environmental change. OzGREEN and Sue's work has been recognised widely by many national and international awards including the UN Media Peace award. She is an Australia Day Ambassador, has received the Manly Daily Centenary Medal for services to the environment (2006), Banksia Environmental Awards, Environmental Educator of the Year (1998) and in 2007 was named as one of Sydney's Top 100 Most Influential People by The Sydney Magazine.

Joan Redshaw OAM

Roseville College 1930s: A paediatrician and general practitioner, Joan spent most of her career as a GP in country NSW. Among other prominent roles, Joan was President of the NSW Medical Women's Society, 1973-74, President of the International Medical Women's Association, 1980-82, a life member of the National Council of Women and from 1977-78 was a member of the Women's Advisory Council to the Premier. Joan was awarded her Order of Australia Medal in 1981 for her service to community.

Rosemary Marriott AM

Roseville College 1940s - 1950s: Teacher, singer, harpist and dancer, Rosemary founded Merrymakers in 1978 - a group dedicated to trying to help mentally handicapped people of all ages using movement therapy with music, song and dance. The Merrymakers group was the subject of a documentary in 2007 called 'The Music in Me'. Rosemary was awarded the Advance Australia Award in 1991 and Membership of the Order of Australia (AM) in 1992 for her outstanding contribution in services to the disabled. Rosemary died in 1994; but her legacy still lives on enriching the lives of people with a disability.

Diane Purkiss

Fellow and Tutor of English at Keble College, Oxford, Diane specialises in Renaissance and women's literature, wiccan beliefs and the English Civil War. She also writes children's books with her son, Michael Dowling, under the pseudonym Tobias Druitt.

If you are an Old Girl who has achieved something extraordinary, or you know an Old Girl who has, and would like to contribute to this new feature on our website, please email web@roseville.nsw.edu.au.


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