Building for Purpose at Roseville College is providing a sustainable, innovative and scalable learning environment underpinned by Christian stewardship. This means realising purpose through:

Campus as Classroom

Delivering and developing assets, technology and facilities that serve the needs of teaching, learning and community.

Global Campus

Deploying highly responsive and innovative solutions that enable flexible, agile and fluid learning and teaching.

Sustainable Practice

Modelling responsible stewardship of finite resources to deliver lasting value, motivated by a Christian conscience.

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110 Years of Growth

The possibility of living for purpose and learning for purpose in an environment of excellence that breathes with the dreams and aspirations of each girl, is a commitment to build for purpose.

Building for Purpose is providing a sustainable, innovative and scalable learning environment underpinned by Christian stewardship. Enabling our ambition to create such an environment are our partners in education: the families of our current and past students, and our Old Girls.

The first known bequest to Roseville Girls College, released in 1977, was specifically to discharge a long-standing mortgage and buttress the College’s future. It was a provision in the will of its founder, Miss Isobel Davies, also its first and longest serving Headmistress. While Miss Davies’ £10,000 bequest was remarkable at the time, this gift represents extraordinary value today. Given today’s comparative land and property values, inflation and other factors, the relative value exceeds $1,500,000.

The College is thankful and fortunate for Miss Davies’ strong example and leadership in the area of generous giving to the School, which positioned Roseville College well in terms of land and facilities. Each subsequent Headmistress, then Principal, has continued her legacy by ensuring the College plans for the land and facilities in the future, too. By extending our commitment and sowing into the fibre of the College financially, more than $10 million for acquisitions and development projects has been donated since 2000.

In 2018, Roseville College embraked on a new Foundation appeal to ensure the School’s ability to undertake necessary and insightful development projects or engage in new acquisitions to meet the evolving needs of Roseville College students.

The Campus and Facilities

Roseville College is centrally located in the suburb of Roseville on Sydney's North Shore. While its 2.3-hectare campus is discretely set among tranquil, heritage-listed residential streets, a personalised tour reveals well-resourced and considered campus.

It includes a Junior School complex, Middle School complex, Senior Girls' Study and Recreation area, Multi-Purpose Hall and Chapel, a Performing Arts Centre (featuring an acoustic 350-seat auditorium, drama and recording studios), Creative Arts Centre, a contemporary Library and specialised learning spaces, a heated swimming pool and multi-sport outdoor courts.

Roseville College has recently announced plans for a new Sport and Wellbeing Centre to align the school’s facilities with its focus on the wellbeing of girls.

An advantage of its central location, for those beyond walking distance, is easy access to major arterial roads and train lines, which enable a straightforward commute from the Upper and Lower North Shore, as well as Lane Cove, Ryde, Manly Warringah and the Hills district.

Technology and Environment

At Roseville College we believe in whole person development that focuses on ways to promote growth, challenge and provide inspiration to students in areas both inside and beyond a classroom.

We recognise the importance and pervasion of technology in our everyday lives and our duty to integrate technology in teaching and learning that engages students in independent and flexible learning opportunities, and equips them with the skills to utilise technology responsibly and effectively within society.

ICT Vision Statement

To provide an outstanding educational environment that integrates technologies in teaching and learning and engages students in independent and flexible learning opportunities within and beyond the curriculum.

ICT Aims

Personalising the learning experience of our students and engaging them so that they become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens:

  • To use ICT where appropriate to motivate and inspire students and raise standards across the curriculum
  • To ensure that availability is not a barrier to the learning of staff and students in the College
  • To support staff, through Professional Development, and provide them with the tools for collaboration, management and administration
  • To allow students to appreciate the relevance of ICT in our society and that they see it as an essential tool for learning, communication, finding information and for controlling and understanding their environment
  • To provide an environment where access to ICT resources is natural and seamless

All students at Roseville College have access to their own 1:1 device for use in the classroom to support and enhance their learning. Currently these devices are:
Years K-3: College provided iPad
Years 4-6: College provided MacBook Air laptop
Years 7-12: BYOT program with student choice of laptop

Sustainability and Stewardship

Characteristic of Roseville College, both as a leader in the education of girls and as an Anglican School, is the drive to manage its resources well and in a sustainable manner. The College takes seriously its obligations to manage its financial and non-financial assets tightly, ensuring that informed, innovative decision-making results in great economies of scale for the campus. The College prepares a Master Plan every 10 years, which is progressively revised and improved to ensure that campus growth and development are firmly aligned with delivery of excellence in learning and ease of community life at the School.

The Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation is to oversee long term financial support for the developments of the school’s tangible assets and acquisitions, and to enrich life at the College through school community funded initiatives and projects, such as the Foundation Scholarship.

The Roseville College Foundation was founded in 1997 and is administered under the auspices of The Anglican Schools Corporations Tax Deductible Gift status. Operationally, the Foundation is managed by The Director of Development, who is a member of the Roseville College staff.

While giving financially to the College was evident in its earliest years, the first known bequest to Roseville Girls College was specifically to discharge a long-standing mortgage of the School’s first building. The bequest was a provision in the will of its founder, Miss Isobel Davies, who was also the College’s first and longest serving Headmistress. While Miss Davies passed away in 1954, the provision was released in 1977, and served to buttress the College’s future. In 2018, the relative value of this £10,000 bequest is magnified to between $278,400 - $1,721,600.

Therefore, in our experience, we know that there is great potential in every gift. The College is deeply appreciative to each family and each individual who has contributed to the College financially, even in those early days in seemingly insignificant amounts. Most notably, these were – and still are the parents, students, Old Girls and staff of the College.

Since 2000, more than $10 million has been donated for acquisitions, new capital works, major maintenance, restoration projects and development projects at Roseville College. The last Major Appeal at Roseville College rose $3 million towards the development of the Music and Performing Arts Auditorium. The Auditorium was officially opened during the College’s centenary in 2008.

The Foundation also inaugurated a Foundation Scholarship in 2014, enhancing the School’s bursary program, which has since provided two well-deserving girls with a Roseville education for the Senior Years.

The Foundation is responsible for fundraising and guidance of the following initiatives, programs and events:

  • Annual Giving
  • Parent Voluntary Donations
  • Refundable Deposit Gift from Year 12 (to the Foundation Scholarship)
  • Year 6 Major Gift Program
  • Year 12 Major Gift Program
  • Perpetual Prizes and Awards
  • Futures Fundraising Dinners
  • Foundation Scholarship
  • Bequest and Benefactions Program
  • Major Appeal Campaigns
  • Building Fund and Capital Works Appeals
  • Heritage and Restoration Projects
  • Acquisition Appeals

Enquiries concerning donations, financial gifts or bequests to Roseville College can be made, in confidence, by contacting the Business Manager or the Director of Development via Main Reception on 9884 1100 during business hours, or by visiting the Giving page of this website.

Philanthropy and Donations

Enquiries concerning donations, financial gifts or bequests to Roseville College can be made, in confidence, by contacting the Business Manager or the Director of Development via Main Reception on 9884 1100 during business hours, or by visiting the Giving page of this website.

Foundation Scholarship

The Foundation administers a Foundation Scholarship, established in 2014 as a philanthropic avenue for the College Community to come together and finance a student through her Senior years; to experience and share all that a Roseville College education offers – and be among an inspiring cohort of peers. We are enriched by the passion, cultural diversity and fresh perspectives these girls bring to College life. From the selfless contribution of many generous families and Old Girls, two girls who otherwise would not have been able to attend the College have since studied here under a Foundation Scholarship.

Current families are periodically invited to contribute to the Foundation Scholarship. To give towards this inspirational and life-changing initiative, please visit the Giving page of this website.


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