Every Girl Matters

Roseville College stands upon four foundations: Christian Faith, Character, Leadership and Community. On these, we cast our vision of Realising Purpose.

To focus on Character at Roseville College means forging and upholding Christian values in the lives of our students and staff, along with courage and curiosity, to guide conduct, learning and relationships.

The development of each girl’s identity and faith in a caring Christian environment is an important part of her learning experience at the College; she is finding her place and purpose in life. As she considers notions of purpose, citizenship and compassion, she will forge her identity as a woman equipped for the meaningful service of others.

Every Roseville girl is well known and inherently valued; a feature girls and parents often comment on as being a positive and distinctive characteristic of the College. Tellingly, Roseville Old Girls and their families credit the School with having a significant role in helping girls develop indispensable and commendable attributes such as faith, self-confidence, optimism, a spirit of enquiry and wonder, wisdom and personal accountability, a concern for others, and the courage and confidence to "have a go". In essence, this is the character of a Roseville girl.

Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy

Students have access to Chaplaincy services and are actively encouraged to practice faith-based qualities such as self-control, service, grace, kindness, mercy, forgiveness and love. Each girl participates in a range of Community Service Learning initiatives during her time at Roseville College, and has the opportunity to join faith and values-based clubs and programs on campus (eg. Crusaders, Charity and Service clubs, Anglicare, Antipodeans Abroad).

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Christian Faith

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