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Spirit Week

Release Date: 12-May-2016 | Go Back

Roseville College School Captain, Zoe King, and her team of student leaders have launched an inaugural "Spirit Week" to maintain a tremendous sense of school spirit and morale, and remind girls to stay connected with each other in the midst of study, exams and busy schedules.

Roseville College has an enviable sense of school spirit and knowing that friendships and staying connected are essential to having a positive experience at school, the student leaders hoped the initiative will remind students that they are valued and welcome at school - even when they are studying and facing exams.

"Many of us are in the midst of assessments of studying for significant exams, which can consume out attention," explains Zoe. "However, it is important that we have things to look forward to or have fun and laugh together,"

For each day of "Spirit Week", student organised activities achieve just that. Monday's launch, coordinated by Zoe, featured X-Factor winner Cyrus Villanueva performing in a "Music Monday" lunchtime concert, and also giving a Song-writing and Vocals Masterclass for senior music students.

"My hope is that students look forward to coming to school and associate it with positive experience of fun, happiness, learning and personal challenge", adds  Zoe, who says her own positive experiences at Roseville College are thanks to the school's teachers and her treasured friends and peers. Asked her advice for girls in Year 7 today, Zoe believes self-worth is very important.

"I would urge them to remember that they are wanted here. We are thankful for them and welcome each one of them in our school It is a safe place to grow, to make mistakes, to learn a better way of doing things. We all want to love coming to school each day, but some days are challenging. With courage, wisdom, humility, kindness and honesty - and a determination to overcome fear - you can overcome challenges, learn, improve and reach your goal."

Spirit Week continues with "Treat Tuesday" serving lunchtime desserts of pancakes to every student, then "Wizard Wednesday" engaging students and teachers in some whacky lunchtime sports, "Thankful Thursday" where each girl receives a flower just for being herself, and finally, "Friends Friday" featuring a school picnic, episodes of Friends projected on a big-screen, and wearing mufti to raise money for the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse.

(The Chris O'Brien Lifehouse is a world-class not-for-profit integrated cancer treatment centre. The fundraising gesture is in support of Roseville College teacher, Mrs Henrietta Miller, whose 21-year-old son, Elliott, lost his battle with a rare rhabdomyosarcoma cancer in March 2016).

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