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Passion to Equip the Homeless

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Roseville College Year 6 student, Arabella Smith, presented the culmination of her compassionate Year 6 Passion Project to Mission Australia this week.

Roseville College’s annual Passion Project initiative encourages participants to choose an area of passion that they want to foster or pursue. For some, this may involve tackling an issue of interest or concern. It’s an initiative that not only inspires those undertaking the project, but other students that see it in action,” explains Roseville
College Year 6 teacher, Miss Hayley Smith.

Miss Smith says the Passion Project is a home learning exercise that strengthens each girl’s ability to motivate and guide their learning beyond the classroom.

“Students are free to choose their project and some decide to use the opportunity to make a positive difference in an area that matters to them. No matter the project, all girls develop vital transferable and life skills; such as written and oral communication, time management, financial literacy, organisational skills and, like Arabella, the value of learning from trial and error.”

Arabella says her mother was her inspiration for her Passion Project. “My mother has a habit of practising kindness,generosity and compassion toward people in need. If she meets someone who is in need, she tries to help them in a meaningful way and I wanted to imitate that quality through my project,” she says.

“My parents took me to see a movie called, ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’, which had a big impact on me. I hadn’t realised the significance of homelessness; that it was so hard – or perhaps, that my family and I had it so easy in comparison.” “My parents both encouraged and supported my project, which I called ‘Home in a Bag’. The orange outer dry-bag is waterproof, containing a sleeping bag and a poncho that doubles as a waterproof ground sheet,” says Arabella, who adds that each bag costs around $50 and, to assemble 25 units, she undertook extensive fundraising among family and friends, to whom she is also grateful.

Arabella presented 25 complete ‘Home in a Bag’ packs to Mission Australia this week to be distributed to homelesspeople across Sydney.

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Caption: Roseville College Year 6 student, Arabella Smith, created 25 ‘Home in a Bag’ packs for homeless people, pictured with a member of Mission Australia’s Mission Beat team, for distribution across Sydney.

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