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Roseville College Year 7 students, many of whom are already proficient in coding, will now learn the skill as part of the Year 7 Mathematics curriculum that has incorporated the Grok Learning National Computer Science School (NCSS) Competition.

The co-founder of the competition, Dr. Nicky Ringland, recently visited Roseville College to encourage Year 7 students and to inspire girls already experienced in coding, including Year 9 student Jasmine Dwyer, and last year's SAP Young ICT winners April Draney and Sophie Allen, now in Year 7.

"For those new to coding, the NCSS Competition is a great way to start," says Jasmine, a three time competition entrant. "For the challenges are almost addictive and each new challenge solidifies what you've learnt. It feels really easy to get better and better."

Inspired by the competition, and to the delight of Dr Ringland, Jasmine is now developing her own coding platform for girls and is a student leader in the College's STEM* and ICT learning pathways, including its STEM Club (a co-curricular club run with tutors from UNSW) and its Code Gym (to inspire leadership in ICT and learning).

"Roseville College continues to embrace STEM learning, and our girls have won highly contested competitions including SAP Young ICT Explorers and, just last week, the UNSW Robotics Regional Competition", says Learning Innovator, Mrs Kim Maksimovic.

"Coding has very quickly become an essential element of learning for the 21st century", she adds, listing resilience, perseverance, lateral problem solving, spatial thought development and self-directed learning among the added benefits to students.

"By embedding STEM authentically into our Mathematics curriculum, students learn problem solving, logical sequencing and computational thinking," Mrs Maksimovic explains.

"Roseville College understands the knowledge gap that many parents experience as their children engage in new avenues of learning, especially in ICT disciplines. In addition to integrating coding into the Year 7 Mathematics curriculum, we are exploring ways to help our parent community code alongside their daughters," she says.

*STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Photo: Year 7 students, April Draney and Sophie Allen join Dr Nicky Ringland and Year 9's Jasmine Dwyer to talk coding at Roseville College

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