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100 Days at Big School

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Mysterious, 100 year old Roseville College Old Girls took over the Kindergarten classroom on Monday this week to celebrate marking 100 Days Old at “Big School”.

The 100 year old “Old Girls” were, in fact, the imaginative and enthusiastic Kindy girls themselves, who embraced the landmark with a usual air of energy and inquisitiveness.

“While the 100th day at school is a wonderful celebration, it is also a practical and fun way to make numeracy relevant and attractive to 5 and 6 year olds,” explains Kindergarten teacher, Mrs Jos Dudley. ‘Over the last six months, the girls have counted – gradually – to 100 days, learning the predictability and rules of numeracy along the way to establish solid foundations for future learning, such as arithmetic,” Mrs Dudley says.

Mrs Dudley believes that fun, surprise and curiosity cannot be separated from the learning experience, so she has worked diligently to incorporate and magnify these elements in the 100 Days program. For example, when students arrived for their 100th day, excited and dressed to theme, the girls discovered the 99 numbers on their 100 chart had escaped! The search for the 99 lost numbers lasted all day culminating in the discovery of the newest, 100th numeral. Meanwhile, they collaborated with peers to consider and apply basic engineering principles to construct a self-standing structure from 100 marshmallows and 100 toothpicks, before exploring foundations of trigonometry by creating triangular shapes in fairy bread covered generously with 100s and 1000s, and eating them!

“The 100th Day was definitely a milestone event for the girls; however, each day in Kindy at Roseville College is considered and well-prepared in order to provide each child with her own unique, teachable moments,” says Mrs Dudley. “As specialist educators, it’s our job to recognise and nurture learning moments for our students; such as when girls question something and resolve it on their own, or gain new revelations about ‘why’. Personally, I love their excited impatience and curiosity about ‘what’s to come’. “

Roseville College is committed to the practice of innovative, inspirational teaching and learning from Kindergarten to Year 12. The School delivers the world-class IB Primary Years Programme across the Junior School to enrich and embolden girls’ learning as they grow in awareness and character, and approach the Senior School transition.


Caption: Three of Roseville College’s Kindergarten class, Rosie Craig, Freya McNally and Ivy Gan, enjoy their 100th Day at “Big School”.

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