College Fees – Australian Citizens and Residents

The attached schedule contains College fees for the 2021 year.

Please note: The fee schedule is available for your convenience and, while we anticipate fixed fees throughout the relevant year, we reserve the right to amend fees with appropriate notification. Please confirm with our Registrar at the time of enquiry and application.

Additional Charging Guidelines

As well as fees, the College makes Additional Charges. Additional Charges cover the cost of add-on activities and items based on a ‘user-pays’ principle. This means that Additional Charges will be unique to each student based on her participation in various activities, ensuring that families only pay for things related to their daughter’s participation.

It is important to note that these Additional Charges are made at cost, and not with the goal of generating surplus for the College.

Additional charges WILL be made for the following items and activities:

  1. Sport Participation – Standard Saturday Sports
    Students who sign up for Saturday sports teams will be billed at a flat rate per term that is set to go towards costs like sport registration fees, sport coaches and buses, where applicable.This charge will be billed in advance wherever possible.

    Students are asked to register for sport in advance and resources are allocated on this basis. Students who withdraw in Week 3 or following will not be eligible for a refund or credit as the College will have already registered them with IGSSA/IPSHA and organised coaching rosters accordingly. Students who withdraw after registering but before the beginning of Week 3 are able to contact the College Finance Officer for a credit on their next term’s account. An administration fee of $50 will be deducted from any credits processed.

    Sports included in this section are Basketball, Football, Hockey, Netball, Softball, Tennis and Touch Football.

  2. Sport Participation – Other Sports
    Some sports are charged at different rates based on their cost to the College or the length or timing of their season. These include, but are not limited to, Athletics, Cross Country, Gymnastics, Rowing, Snow Sports, Swimming and Strength and Conditioning.
    Representative level sport and other sporting competitions also fall into this section.

  3. Any other co-curricular activities that involve additional cost to the College.
    All co-curricular activities are analysed for whether they include additional costs to the College. If they do, then they will be charged to participating students. These are often, but not always, activities that occur before or after school.

  4. Excursions that are overnight and/or outside the Sydney Metro Area
    Due to the extra cost incurred in long-distance and overnight excursions, these are charged to families as Additional Charges, even where the excursion is compulsory.

  5. Educational digital subscriptions
    For which the student has an individual log-in and:
    a. Senior School: which are listed on the Booklist at the beginning of the year.
    b. Junior School : which the College has entered into a license agreement for a fixed period.

  6. Educational resources which are purchased by the College and are passed on to the Student to keep.
    Where possible these will be notified to families on the Booklist at the beginning of the year for Senior School students.

  7. Hire of College property
    A hire fee and a bond will be charged. For example, relating to the hire of musical instruments or technological equipment.

Additional charges WILL NOT be made for the following items and activities:

  1. Co-curricular activities that DO NOT involve additional cost to the College.
    These are often, but not always, lunchtime clubs run by teaching staff or volunteers.

  2. Excursions and field trips that are day only and inside the Sydney Metropolitan Area

  3. Incursions

  4. Compulsory in-College activities

  5. Senior Studies Centre Services

Payment Options

Fee payment can be made by one of the following methods:


You can use your online banking facility to make a payment. You will need the Biller Code and Customer Reference Number at the foot of your fee statement.


ONLINE - Edumate Debtor Portal
Click on the Parent Portal link on the website, and log in using your unique user name and password provided by the College.

This facility provides you with the following payment methods:

  • Visa, Mastercard or American Express (surcharge applies)
  • Direct Debit Payment Plan: Establish or modify a Direct Debit Request/Authority from a nominated bank account or credit card (surcharges apply). Terms and conditions apply.


BY MAIL –Cheques
Post cheques, made payable to Roseville College, to:

The Anglican Schools Corporation
PO Box 465


Total annual fees may be paid at the commencement of the school year using any of the methods above and the annual amounts on the Fee Schedule.


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